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2018 brings more opportunities to get your CBD products by offering A REWARD Points system.

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NEW -- Users can now earn POINTS & buy products with earned POINTS.

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Hemp Cannabidoil CBD Wholesale

Wholesale - CBD Edible Candy - White labels

As a wholesale provider of Hemp oils based CBD Cannabidoil edible products we take pride in keeping the industry with fair pricing.& super cooperation.

Our production team is always on top of this rapidly growing Hemp Cannabidoil oil CBD edible candy market by making improvements when needed and establishing new hemp products for you to offer your customers. We develop & produce our brands in an FDA-registered lab in Northern and Southern California as well as Seattle Washington, SC Labs is recognized as the leader in Quality and Safety testing for the Cannabis Industry..

If you’re looking for wholesale and getting the best deal possible on these popular products then

give us a call

(305) 814-4576


click link below

Wholesale CBD Edible Candy Application


Keep in mind "Consumer" you can only PICK any two:



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