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2018 brings more opportunities to get your CBD products by offering A REWARD Points system.

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NEW -- Users can now earn POINTS & buy products with earned POINTS.

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POINTS are awarded for all actions even when you login the site you get points!

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POINTS awarded for: Blogging, Inviting new users, Blog Views, Comments, Registration ect...

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cbdadminMarch 042018

Tired of Buying Minimums, Quantities ect

Hello Everyone,

CBD Edibles Store, One major problem in this industry is the time consuming process of ordering CBD products.

It doesn't have to be that difficult! We have totally simplified the buying process, giving shop owners any easy way to buy direct from over 10 manufactures at their top tier wholesale price with no minimum order quantity. Here is a quick tutorial of our site and our easy to use no MOQ wholesale program. Don't have an account with us? Create one by Clicking Here (New Accounts: please allow up to 24 hours for wholesale access, confirmation will be sent by your rep via email)
When you're on our CBD Edibles Store www.bdediblecandy.com make sure you're "signed in" with your CBD Edibles Store account credentials to be able to purchase. You will always want to be "signed in" while on the site to make your purchase.
Navigating our CBD Edibles Store site is very easy. All products have been divided into three main sections :

"Hemp CBD Products" There are over 12 Categories available under "Hemp CBD Products". For Example, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, topicals, vape, etc.

"Hemp CBD Dosage" Many CBD products come in many dosages "hemp CBD Dosage" gives all CBD products with the same amounts CBD milligrams per product.

"Hemp CBD Brands" We have chosen the #1 CBD manufactures and "Hemp CBD Brands" groups products showing each product available from that specific brand. 

Purchasing is as easy as clicking "add to cart" and "check out" just like any offline CBD Edibles Store. Don't have an Account? Create One Here
To drop ship, place an individual order. At check out, simply change the "Shipping Info" to your customers name and address. We will ship the package to their door for you!
We can also help with any of your Private/White labeling, Manufacturing, and sourcing of raw materials (Isolate and Full Spectrum) needs. Check out our new bulk section with full spectrum oil and unflavored vape. Please let us know what we can do for you!

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