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Dec 09, 2017 / cbdadmin -

2018 brings more opportunities to get your CBD products by offering A REWARD Points system.

Dec 09, 2017 / cbdadmin -

NEW -- Users can now earn POINTS & buy products with earned POINTS.

Dec 09, 2017 / cbdadmin -

POINTS are awarded for all actions even when you login the site you get points!

Dec 09, 2017 / cbdadmin -

POINTS awarded for: Blogging, Inviting new users, Blog Views, Comments, Registration ect...

CBD Reward Points


CBD Reward Points are given too all our customers to show our appreciation of your business. Since we are very passionate about CBD and want to spread the word our websites now gives reward points for almost every action you do while logged into our website:
  • Reward Points when you first register.
  • Reward points for uploading a profile picture.
  • Reward Points for logging in everyday.
  • Reward Points for comments & Reviews.
  • Reward Points for Writing a blog about our products.
  • Reward Points for Page views of Your Blog.
  • Reward Points for Inviting your friends to register.
  • Reward Points for Your friends when they register.
  • Reward Points for You when Your friends registers.
  • Reward Points for every order you shop with us.
We have been hard at work finding a way that we could compensate our Loyal customers and honestly this Social marketing has been a very successful method. 
It has help us grow and provided us with a way to learn more form our clients. Not to mention that now we come learn whom each and everyone of you are making a more personalized relationship with everyone.

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